Spry Fox - ???

Torn Banner - Various Tools

Mainly, I created and supported a proprietary tool called Submit Helper, a custom P4V tool designed to kick off preflight builds, manage Jira tickets, open/close code reviews, and anything else needed before things got tossed into the depot.

I also supported tool needs for animators, created a framework for building automated tests in UE5, and a few other things.

Volition - Saints Row (2022)

My first shipped AAA title - I worked on this from pre-production to DLC.

The realtime cinematics system was my baby. In addition to implementing anything the cinematic artists needed, I also heavily supported the good folks in the lighting, VFX, and audio teams.

I was also the sole dedicated accessibility programmer, so I owned features like alternative control methods, blood & gore, subtitles, and some challenge level settings.

Volition - CTG Editor

I created and supported a timeline-based scripting editor for cinematic artists, so they could do things like show/hide objects, change the time of day, or load/unload parts of the open world, over the course of a cinematic.

I also owned a few other features relating to object spawners and batch editing game components.



Very early work-in-progress. An engine-agnostic framework for systemic narrative games, plus an editor for narrative content. This is my current passion project.

The goal of Textile is to create narrative experiences with nuance, where both writers and players have more agency to make creative choices.

Textile is being developed alongside another personal project, a yet-unannounced narrative game.

Game Jams

Here are a couple of games I worked on for a weekend or so.

7 Didn’t 8 9

Our friend Sloth